AnyPursuit Ad Network
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AnyPursuit Ad Network is intended to run as a private ad network to enable participant publishers and advertisers to get full benefit of their respective potentials in terms of revenue. We have succeeded in making alliance with leading advertising platforms of the world, such as ad agencies, demand side platforms, programmatic ad platforms, trading desks, ad exchanges and ad networks which gives our partner publishers an added advantage in terms of earning. Since our platform is a private network of good publishes, advertisers also get better rate of return on their investments. Though it is a private ad network, we are also allowing other publishers of websites and advertisers to participate in our network. They may contact us in this regard.

Participant publishers will be sent their login details if they are accepted in our network, with necessary permission to enable them to publish ads from our ad network. Advertisers will also be provided with similar facilities to advertise on AnyPursuit Network or any of the participant websites of AnyPursuit Ad Network.

Ad creatives sent by advertisers and the associated target links therein will need an approval from our Network before being advertised or published on our sites or participant sites. Any type of redirection of the target page shall be considered violation of the network rules. Such advertisers shall be blacklisted from our network after such a violation. We do not accept ads from adult sites, or any other sites found violating any of the laws of any country.

Payments for publishers are sent regularly. Publishers shall not promote or publish any adult or illegal activity that is considered violation of the laws of any country. Such a violation shall attract termination of their account.

AnyPursuit Ad Network shall make changes in the rules of use of this ad network as required by the laws or what shall be required for other valid reasons.